Equipment Repair

Is Old Fitness Equipment Worth Fixing?

Models Change

Models improve over the years and the corresponding parts change slightly as well. This makes finding parts for the original older model more challenging.

Old Parts Are Hard to Come by

We not only try the original manufacturer but also numerous aftermarket suppliers. After approximately seven years, most manufacturers stop producing parts for a model. We have heard from some customers that they found a replacement part on eBay. We do not purchase parts from eBay because we don’t know about the quality of the part and it does not come with. a warranty.

The New Part May Point Out Another Problem

Sometimes we cannot tell what the actual problem is until the new part is put in. This can be frustrating to customers, but one part can affect another and the new part can sometimes draw attention to the real problem. This unfortunately can drive up the cost of the repair, so we encourage you to be aware of this potential and recognize that this is, unfortunately, beyond the technician’s control.

Overall, you may have a machine that can still be repaired and, before you invest in new equipment, it is worth investigating the if your equipment is worth repairing. If you’re worried your fitness equipment is on its last legs, give Gym Doctor,LLC a call first. With the right part replacements and updates, your machine could still have plenty of life left. Our technicians are able to diagnose and repair a wide range of equipment so that your machine is back up and running in no time!